Founders Memorial Garden Wedding

  1. Paula Bryant says:

    Beautiful!! Love Amanda & her family.

  2. Amy Brown says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  3. Jeri says:

    GORGEOUS pictures that have captured the LOVE these two share!

  4. susan birckhead says:

    These pictures are stunning, you all absolutely captured all the emotions of the day from tears to laughter! Such a beautiful setting and love seeing every detail! Beautiful couple and wedding party!

  5. Bekah says:


  6. Olivia Williams says:

    Love all of these photos!! They capture so many wonderful emotions of the day.

  7. Cindy Yeatman says:

    This wedding was so memorable in so many ways. The jellies and jams that Amanda made for her guests. The picturesque beauty of the surrounding area. The pictures taken show how much this couple is loved. Thank you photographers for doing such a beautiful job.

  8. Nikki says:

    So pretty!!! Looks like it was a beautiful day!!!

  9. Jessica Buffaloe says:

    Beautiful! So glad I could help celebrate your special day.

  10. Wendi Allen says:

    So happy you were available to take these great pics Virginia! The sweetness of Amanda and Josh’s love was beautifully captured in these photos. Such a happy day!

  11. Shirley Wright says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Pictures of a Gorgeous Bride!!! Love these pictures, thank you for sharing your beautiful Wedding day with us!!! Congratulations and May your love grow for each other!

  12. Jean Ryan says:

    Josh and Amanda have something special. They are a team. Can’t wait to witness what’s in store for them next! I know they will have a lifetime of happiness. Terrific pictures!

  13. Adriene Allen says:

    I am grinning from ear to ear all over again! Virginia thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my sister feel as beautiful as she was! You captured the love her and josh have perfectly!!

  14. Nedra McColskey says:

    These pictures are beautiful! There is no doubt Josh and Amanda are deeply in love! You did an awesome job capturing each moment! So happy for both of them!

  15. Deborah says:

    Beautifully captured moments. Congratulations to you both. Fantastic pictures.

  16. Gail B Miles says:

    You did an awesome job with the photography! Vivid, clear pictures which will be great memories for Josh, Amanda, and their families. Congratulations again Josh and Amanda!

  17. Amanda Nguyen says:

    I love these! Congratulations, Amanda! You were absolutely stunning 🤗♥️

  18. Stacey Jenkins says:

    Such beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  19. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful pictures! Amanda, you are so Stunning, Beautiful, Breathtaking, happy on your wedding day …..I hope he knows how lucky he is!
    Love you always! Suzanne

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