Lauren & David | A Very Married Christmas in Marietta

  1. Karen McCutchen Toler says:

    Virginia, these photographs are GORGEOUS! And I love your comments, too! You and Cally did an incredible job. You are artists! Congratulations on your new arrival.

  2. Cristen Sheheen says:

    These pictures are so great! Virginia, you and Cally are the best!!

  3. Emily Tackett says:

    These are absolutely stunning photos! What a beautiful day.
    Congratulations Lauren & David!!!

  4. Carly Waring says:

    Beautiful! What an amazing wedding ❤️ You are so talented! You captured the sweetest moments of this wonderful couple.

  5. Callie Harkins says:


  6. Callie Harkins says:

    These photos are absolutely amazing!!! You captured their love so beautifully!

  7. Larry, father of the groom I’m proud to say says:

    These pictures say a thousand words!

  8. Larry, father of the groom I’m proud to say says:

    These pictures say a thousand words! Thank you, thank you! They will bring forth such satisfying emotions for years and generations to come!

  9. Penny Johnston (MOB!) says:

    Virginia, you did such an incredible job with the pictures- with everything. You and Cally were so wonderful throughout the whole event, including their engagement pictures. You are so very talented! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your pictures made me tear-up all over again! I’m so thankful we’ll have these forever to remind us of the wonderful day these two families were joined.

  10. Lauren Johnston says:

    These are so perfect. We love them!!! Thank you SO much!!

  11. Nancy Waring MOG says:

    What great poises you captured! Thanks for making all those moments permanent so we all can always have them to remember our most favorite Christmas!

  12. Katie Waring says:

    Each one pulled my heartstrings – goodness! Virginia, you are amazing. Amazed by your thoughtfulness behind capturing all these details and moments. As everyone else mentions, we will treasure these for years and years! Thank you for loving on my brother & new sister, and our family (one family now!) so well!!! We are so thankful for you!

  13. Susan Goodroe says:

    The photos are beautifully done and display personal emotions as well the people themselves. I enjoyed reading your take on what this family was experiencing. Thumbs way up, Virginia!

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