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hey there, friend! i'm virginia!

I’m a wife, momma, and photographer who is in love with her little family and her business. 

From the first time you come into contact with me, I want you to feel welcome and at home, as if I have invited you into my living room for a cup of coffee and a chat. I want you to know that you can trust me with your stories that I capture behind my lens. Because I get it. I’ve been a bride. I have a little family. I’m a small business owner. I may have a different story than you, but on some level, I can relate. 

Your story and season of life is so important to me and I want to provide you with memories and images that you can pass down to generations to come. Because one day your children and grandchildren will want to see your precious memories and what you held most dear.

a few of my favorites

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I’m a huge bookworm. Like, really.

I was the Vice President of the book club in the 6th grade (that definitely didn’t earn me any popularity points) and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a book that I was reading.

My favorite time to read is at night as I’m going to sleep (Kindles were the best inventions!) and my favorite types of books are stories, whether they’re fiction or nonfiction. 


I’m kind of addicted to it. My grandma started letting me have coffee when I visited her when I was 5 years old (no joke!) and although it wasn’t until high school that my parents let me have it regularly, I’ve been hooked ever since. Sometimes I’m excited to go to bed at night because I know when I wake up, I get a big cup of coffee!

And let’s be real, I don’t only drink it in the mornings.


If you want to know how much I like chocolate, just go take a look at my recipe board on Pinterest. 95% of the recipes are chocolate desserts.

I may have a problem, but I’m ok with it. Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I say chocolate is!


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